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Flower Preservation, Memorial Jewelry, Memorial Ornaments

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If 2 weeks or more before your event

You may request that MPE send you a shipping container for your bouquet. A small prepaid fee and deposit are required for this service.

If your flowers are in hand

You want to keep your flowers in a cool and moist environment without letting them get frozen (see flower care in our Order page). It is best if the flowers can be in transit 1 or 2 days and shipped as soon as possible.

  • You need to enclose the completed order form with your deposit
  • To avoid water damage, if you include the order form in the container with your flowers, please place the order form in a plastic, ziplock-type bag.
  • Many delivery options are available to you. Shipping services will deliver the next day in WI or parts of MN without extra charge or you may want to check out the Post office for next day rates.

Several pack & ship places are listed at the bottom of this page. MPE has contacted these establishments and they should have frozen packets available as well as the other materials to ship your blooms. Please let us know if you have any problems and feel free to give our contact information to any store that may have questions on how to ship your blooms for you. Let us know if you would like us to add your favorite shipping spot.

Suggested shipping methods:

how to ship your flowers how to ship your flowers how to ship your flowers
  • Place several layers of damp paper toweling around stem ends.
  • Enclose blooms in a protective layer of bubble wrap. Wrap tightly around stems & foliage but looser over the blooms top.­
  • If you are using a cardboard box, line it with a plastic (garbage) bag to keep the moisture from soaking the box-some delivery services will not deliver a wet box. Place a bag with ice (blue refreezable pack, plastic beverage bottle 3/4 full of water frozen or cubes in plastic container or doubled ziplock bags) in the bottom of the box-DO NOT place these in direct contact with the flowers.
  • Place bubble-wrapped blooms in the box and fill in any open spots to avoid items from shifting.
how to ship your flowers how to ship your flowers how to ship your flowers

Method 2

  • Use a styrofoam cooler with reusable, frozen “blue ice” packet secured to the bottom or side.
  • If the ice may actually touch some of the bouquet, place some bubble wrap or other protective cover over the ice to avoid freezing. Placing the cooling packet in a bubble lined brown envelope works well.
  • The ice can be secured with duct or shipping tape. Putting the ice in a ziplock plastic bag or the above mentioned lined brown envelope may help the tape stay secure over the ice.
  • Secure the flowers to the lid’s cover. Hand tied bouquets will benefit if a small “pillow” of bubble wrap can be placed just below the blooms at the upper end of the stems (avoid crushing blooms.)
  • Place lid on the cooler. Tape/tie cover onto the lower part of the cooler.
  • Place cooler in a cardboard box that has been lined with bubble wrap or another packing material to avoid damage to the cooler & provide an extra layer of insulation.
  • Tape box closed and label for shipping. We suggest labeling the box as being “Fragile”.

Ship to:

MPE Floral
1774 Milldrum St.
Union Grove WI, 53182

If possible send MPE an email (­ or give our email to the shipper and they will send us a notice or a quick phone call (920-849-3664) to let us know to be on the lookout for your blooms.

Pack & Ship Locations with frozen packets available


  • Champaign
    The UPS Store
    907 W. Marketview Dr. Ste.10


  • Beaver Dam
    The UPS Store
    834 Park Ave.
  • Brown Deer
    The UPS Store
    3900 W. Brown Deer Rd
  • Chippewa Falls
    The UPS Store
    333 E. Praire View Rd.
  • Delafield
    The UPS Store
    3215 Golf Rd.
  • Janesville
    The UPS Store
    2811 Milton Ave (coolers)
  • Madison
    The UPS Store
    1213 N. Sherman Ave
  • Madison
    The UPS Store
    2935 S. Fish Hatchery Rd.
  • Madison
    The UPS Store
    1360 Regent St. (coolers)
  • Marinette
    The UPS Store
    2003 Marinette Ave. (coolers)
  • Middleton
    The UPS Store
    6907 University Ave. (coolers)
  • Muskego
    The UPS Store
    17065 Janesville Rd
  • New Berlin
    The UPS Store
    15417 W. National Ave
  • Stevens Point
    The UPS Store
    5633 Hwy 10 W STE F
  • Sun Prairie
    The UPS Store
    1223 W. Main St. (coolers)
  • Wauwatosa
    The UPS Store
    6650 W. State St