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Flower Preservation, Memorial Jewelry, Memorial Ornaments

To set up a free consultation please call us at
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Memories Preserved prides itself in making each enclosure a unique one-of-a-kind remembrance.

Enclosures that do not include freeze-dried flowers

There are numerous options for preserving and displaying your valued mementos, memorabilia, souvenirs, and other items. Please contact us to discuss the enclosure that best suits your item(s).

Enclosures that include freeze-dried flowers

Initially you will be asked only for a deposit towards the freeze-drying. An enclosure may also be ordered at this point if you wish.

Once the flowers are dried you will be contacted and an appointment set (within one month of being told your blooms are done drying), to discuss how you want to display your blooms if you have not already ordered your enclosure.

When the enclosure is ordered an additional deposit is required and the balance is due when your finished piece is picked up or shipped.

Enclosure options are limited only by the imagination and therefore it is impossible to give a set price that would cover all the options. However, several “packaged” enclosure options are listed below.

Except for a few, most “case” options are not “packaged priced” because it is too hard to do so without knowing what we are enclosing (a collection of how many pieces, how much freeze-drying etc.) and the amount of time to complete the desired design.

Please feel free to request your special touch being added or for something totally unique.

When you come in (or via phone/internet) for your design consultation, we will explore the options available for the type of design you are looking for as well as the costs involved and I will get a sense of your style.

A copy with the enclosure, design, and maximum or exact costs listed will be offered to you before you leave.

See the Shipping page for instructions regarding how to prepare your flowers for shipping.