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Flower Preservation, Memorial Jewelry, Memorial Ornaments

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Flower Preservation

Your flowers CAN be preserved and lovingly displayed in beautiful enclosures or turned into jewelry or ornaments. By preserving your flowers as a beautiful work of art, you can be reminded of that special event or loved-one every time you glance at the unique display created especially for you.

There are different ways to preserve flowers. Most people have taken a flower and let it air-dry naturally. Flowers dried naturally do not last long, and they crumble and fall apart quickly.

MPE primarily uses freeze-drying; preserving your flowers by freezing them and removing all the moisture. The completed flower will last for many years.

Depending on the flower, the process takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Open flowers, such as lilies or daisies, take less time; more dense flowers, like roses or carnations, take more time.

The fresher the flower, the better they will preserve.

Once your flowers are preserved, they need to be protected in an enclosure. Keeping your preserved flowers out of the natural elements, heat, cold, humidity, dust, etc. will help them last for many years.

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Points to know BEFORE you ship your flowers to us.

  • MPE presumes that the customer would like all the flowers shipped in dried unless otherwise noted.
  • The deposit is a deposit and not full payment. If the customer wants to set a dollar limit for drying this should be noted on the invoice.
  • MPE can refuse to do blooms that are damaged or too far gone. Some color changes can occur.
  • Bouquets will have pictures and measurements taken of them, but they need to be taken apart, and stems cut short for processing. They can be recreated, at additional cost, after drying if that is the enclosure option chosen by the client.
  • Clients will receive a call when the flowers are done drying. Clients are then asked to call MPE within 2 weeks to set an appointment within the next month to choose an enclosure option.
  • Blooms cannot be ship unless they are enclosed. Freeze-dried flowers can be used in open air displays but will not last as long as those in a sealed enclosure. Enclosing is an additional cost, except in “package pricing”. Enclosures can be chosen by working with an MPE representative via phone or email and use of the MPE website, but an in person visit is best if possible.
  • Clients will need to arrange for the finished enclosure to be picked up or pay an additional shipping expense within one month of when the enclosure was finished.

See the Shipping page for instructions regarding how to prepare your flowers for shipping.