Dress Preservation

Dress Preservation

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Free pressing of gowns, at a designated representative, in over 500 cities worldwide.

What is true preservation?

  • Hand cleaning with special chemicals to remove visible stains
  • Thorough cleaning in a solvent bath
  • Unique anti-sugar stain treatment featured in Modern Bride and Brides
  • Environmentally-pure, with lasting protection of acid free tissue, an acid free acetate window for viewing treasured memories, and an acid free, archival-quality wedding chest.

Why are sugar, salt and acid important?
Wedding gown spills, such as soda, wine and cake (many times caused by a guest and unnoticed by the bride) contain sugar and often dry without leaving a visible mark. Sugar is not dissolved during ordinary dry cleaning and caramelizes over time into ugly brown stains. Salt too, can remain behind after ordinary dry cleaning and literally eat the fabric of the gown. Ordinary boxes and tissue are heavy in acid, which also damage fabric. Ordinary boxes actually yellow and “burn” gowns. After a few years there will be dark brown streaks wherever the fabric was in contact with the box or tissue.

When should I preserve my gown and where should I keep it?
Gowns should be treated with the true preservation process as soon as possible after the wedding, before stains can set and sugar begins to caramelize.

Always hang your gown by the loops inside the gown that are connected to sturdy inside seams, never by the fragile shoulder seams that can stretch or sag.

Do not keep gowns in plastic bags (plastic emits fumes that yellow the gown). Never store gowns in the attic or basement where there are extreme changes in temperature and /or humidity.  Vacuum-sealed containers can trap moisture that may mildew your gown.

What is my guarantee?
You receive a written 100% international guarantee against sugar stains or yellowing of the gown with Wedding Gown Specialists. When the gown is to be worn again, it will be inspected and pressed by any participating Wedding Gown Specialist at no charge.

No additional charge
For additional items (veil, garter, etc.) going in the same box.

Hand Cleaning
We hand treat and clean each gown individually – never in combination with any other dresses. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process.

Anti-sugar Stain Treatment
Spills containing sugar, salt, and acid often dry clear and cannot be seen. These latent stains do not dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning and turn an ugly brown over time. Our unique anti-sugar stain treatment, featured in Modern Bride and Brides, ensure that all sugar, salt, and acid – seen or unseen – is removed.

Environmentally Pure, lasting protection
Vacuum or plastic seals and other materials can damage gowns. Your gown’s bodice is displayed on an acid free bust form and the skirt is layered with acid-free tissue and carefully folded into an acid-free, archival-quality  paper wedding chest. Paper “breathes” and allows for expansion and contraction of fibers subjected to changes in heat and humidity.